IN CONFIDENCE, based on a short play presented at the world-renowned Actors Studio, is the story of Molly – a woman who finds herself in an unusual circumstance who makes a provocative choice – and the consequences that choice has on the rest of her life. Molly justifies, then revels in her choice – only to tumble deeply into the abyss.

In Confidence

A Short Film

“A Gem of a Short Film...”

“A film that should be on your ‘must see’ list!

“Beege Barkette in an absolutely BRILLIANT performance that everyone should see!!!”   - Henry Jaglom (DEJA VU, LAST SUMMER IN THE HAMPTONS, ALWAYS, NEW YEAR’S DAY)

“It would be criminal to miss Beege Barkette’s performance in IN CONFIDENCE, directed by Mitch Levine. A stunning achievement, Miss Barkette reveals the agony of a lost soul with brave and daring accuracy. Don’t miss it!”  - Mark Rydell  (THE ROSE, ON GOLDEN POND, CINDERELLA LIBERTY)